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2016 Award Winners

Congratulations to the 2016 Committee of the Year - The Barrhead Ag Society and the 2016 Cowboy of the Year - Frankie Nash


The scoop from the last Board Meeting:

 1. When entering in an event that will have sufficient entries to warrant a slack (LBR, TR and CR) and you enter for slack as your first or second preference you will be placed in a separate draw with the other competitors that asked for the slack and drawn in the bottom part of the slack for CR and TR or the top for LBR.  All others who fall into the slack because the 2 preferences they gave were full performances will be at the top in CR and TR or bottom in LBR.

 2. The Board has now approved a change to the vet out rule.  Ladies Barrel Racing competitors will now have the option of using a five day vet release or a ten day vet release.  Please see amended rule book for the full rule change.

Attention All Bareback, Saddle Bronc, and Steer Wrestling Competitors!!!

The Wildrose Rodeo Association will now allow any contestant that

holds a valid rodeo card in an approved rodeo association, and are in good standing, to enter a WRA rodeo in the Saddle Bronc, Bareback or Steer Wrestling events after the full card members and members of the co-approving associations.  The members of the WRA and co-approving associations will be given their preferences first and the remaining entrants will be drawn in to fill the performances.  These non-WRA members can ask for their preference or to be drawn out and any points that they accumulate will not count towards the finals or any year end awards.


QUICK REMINDER!! - Please either check the draw or call in to the office on FRIDAY.  This is the only day that issues will be resolved.  

The Winner of the July 1st 50/50 was.....Ticket #10 - Esther Cowley!!!

Fairview Set up

Manning Set Up

The WRA is accepting applications for TIMERS, ANNOUNCERS and PICK UP MEN for the 2017 Challenge.  Please submit your name into the WRA office by August 20/2017 if you're interested!  You must hold a current WRA membership